What is justOTP

Just OTP provides API as well as UI (“Agent Verify”) based integration

We provide APIs and UI widget (“Agent Verify”) to send and verify OTPs. You can control what should be the content as well as the theme of the UI Widget and OTP messages. Simple send-otp, verify-otp helps development team to get started on sending OTP will less then 10 minutes of signup.Business can decide the number of characters, the type of character ie. string or number. Business also has the ability to decide if specific numbers, characters or words should not be sent.

Reengage dropped customers via 2 way text communications

Platform allow business users to reengage with customers who did not verify the OTP or were locked out. If your site is down for any reason and your customer requests for OTP, You can also send a different message and ask if she/he would be interested in getting notified when site is back up.

Enable post OTP Actions

Platform allows teams to configure webhooks calls or allow them to send emails internally or to their customers. This gives a huge flexibility to take action at the backend when a user successfully enters OTP or get locked or do not enter OTP and PIN expires.

Lock and unlock users

You can configure to lock the customer after specific number of attempts for each OTP Campaign. Production support team can login and unlock the user using our portal. The can get a UI-Widget which they can embed in thier existing support Portal. We also provide API to under the user.

Your data is safe

Security is our prime concern when it comes to customer data. Our architecure is build in such a way that your customer data is completely secured. Please ask for our data retention and data archive policies to better understand how we are doing this right!.

Analytics- Know your customer

This platform provide a simple view that clearly show how is the OTP campaign running. It provide enough information that helps businesses to make informative decisions. The platform allows to even configure list of email addresses where reports can be delivered on specified time of the day.

How just OTP works?

justOTP Platform is both business and developer friendly. It allows business to acheive their goals at the pace they want.

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